Superior Support Without The Fuss

As a woman, and I am sure every woman on earth can relate, having to wear a bra is probably the most uncomfortable thing imaginable. This is especially true if the bra is ill-fitting or visible under anything you wear. Trying to look sexy or seductive on a special occasion is definitely hindered by the appearance of bra seams under your sheer blouse or slim fitting dress.

Having been overweight for many of the years after my children were born, I have recently undertaken a huge weight loss initiative and as hard as it has been, I have managed to shed the weight and get back to my pre-baby form. Of course I haven’t shared my attempts with anyone for fear that I may fail, however, tonight is a special occasion and I want to reveal the new me to the world.

Tonight is the tenth anniversary of my wedding to my soul mate and I really want to blow him away. I have found the perfect dress, shoes and accessories, but for months I had no luck finding a bra that is flattering and that wouldn’t take away from the beauty of the dress. Although I have found form flattering items, the appearance of seams would just ruin the whole effect. As the weeks passed and the today drew ever closer I decided to do some homework and see what I could come up with. There was no way I could not wear a bra (I was blessed in that department), but there was also no way I was going to let anything ruin this event.

As I browsed the internet for a solution, I came across the anti wrinkle bra and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Form flattering, seamless, smooth, as if you were weren’t wearing a bra at all. I decided to go for it and placed my order. Much to my delight the bra arrived at my doorstep a few days later and I couldn’t wait to try it on with my outfit. I checked the time and there was still enough of it to spare before my husband arrived home from work. I dressed in my outfit planned for our anniversary and turned to look in the mirror. I knew at that moment I would take my husband’s breath away.

Today has arrived, the day and yes, he gazed at me as if he had laid eyes on me for the first time and love at first sight became reality.